Born and raised in Alaska, Lanet is a self-proclaimed exercise fanatic and, most recently, very interested in helping people focus on the foundation of health and fitness, NUTRITION.  Living in Anchorage and spending weekends in The Valley at the lake house while raising four children requires balance.  This energy comes from within and is built in the kitchen, reinforced in the gym, and supported by plenty of rest.

Lanet has been a dedicated member of most of the gyms in the South Central area and loves the variety of training with members who like to challenge themselves in all areas of fitness.  A personal training certification was a natural transition after winning the Alaska State Body Building and Fitness titles.  Lanet created a competitive fitness team initially made up of junior fitness competitors who were able to use gymnastics, dance, and cheerleading skills to create magic on stage.  This team grew to include adult athletes and is still competing today both within the State of Alaska as well as traveling nationally to represent Alaska as FITINAK.  Lanet works with clients in all areas of fitness helping people set and achieve goals; that is her ultimate “sweet spot” in life. 


Alaskan born, raised, and 2001 Dimond High graduate, Justin became a certified personal trainer in 2004. After 4 years of working around town he came across a small, private studio gym and fell in love, so he bought that business and built it up to what it is now: Fall Line Fitness. 

Justin’s objective is to create a workout environment that makes every participant feel important, safe, and challenged at their own level. He specializes in adult athletes (Masters) that seek a challenging program that won’t injure them. As an athlete himself, he understands the barriers that master athletes face, especially in the gym.  Justin’s passion for sports is not solely about the competition, but as a way of enjoying life. He participates in several sports including: triathlons, swimming, mountain biking, road biking, cyclocross, skate skiing, hockey, trail running, table tennis, golf, and chasing his young son around. 

Certified by the American Council on Exercise and holds many certificates and achievements :  ● Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant  ● Lower Back Disorders  ● Performance Flexibility ● Pro­active Postural Restructuring ● 4th degree Black Belt in Cheonkido ● 1st place age group winner ­ 2013 & 2014 Hammerman Triathlon. ● 1st place age group winner ­ 2011/12/13/15 Eagle River Triathlon  ● 1st place overall ­ 2015 Arctic Bike Club Mountain Bike season (Sport Division). 


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