Have a specific event your team is training for?  Want to be in top shape before the season starts?  Fall Line offers structured sports programs for skiing, rowing, cycling and more.

Power cycling focuses on the many race formats offered during the summer months. Riders can expect to become familiar with training zones, proper technique, racing strategy and the ability to suffer with a smile. Indoor classes give each rider a chance to breakdown the requirements of races without the steep learning curve of getting dropped during an actual race. While this class is suitable for all levels we won’t be dancing on our bikes; so come with a goal, bike shorts, a little grit and let’s ride! We do highly recommend you bring your own bike and use on of our Wahoo Power trainer. If not, we do have a limited selection of spin bikes available.

Circuit training is perfect for those looking for an organized, structured, and well-rounded workout. Classes are a unique blend of cardio, strength, balance, core, and general fitness exercises. Circuits consist of several stations either controlled by time or repetitions. Each participant can work at their own intensity with many variations to best fit their current fitness level. An instructor is always present to help assist with proper technique and modifications.

This is the conditioning phase of the Tri camp and is designed to build a solid foundation, ward off repetitive stress injuries, and help reduce burnout (Oct-Jan).  Transitions to Triathlon Camp from (Feb-May)




Learn to swim, bike, and run a sprint or olympic distance triathlon with a smile on your face, perhaps even place in your age group like many Fall Line athletes have. Dare to dip your toes in the TRI world and get hooked!! We offer individual coaching for beginner triathletes and small group training for those that want to train with their friends. Contact us for pricing and scheduling.